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EUROSPINE is proud to announce the EUROSPINE membership to the World Health Organization’s World Rehabilitation Alliance (WRA)

EUROSPINE will work together with other members from various sectors in creating a stronger voice to advocate for rehabilitation. WRA membership includes representatives from Member States and State bodies, intergovernmental organisations, nongovernmental organisations, the private sector, philanthropic foundations, and academic institutions.

EUROSPINE recognises the need for an integrated approach to spine care. We see rehabilitation as playing a central role in optimising the functioning of individuals especially those with spine conditions that are very prevalent and with accompanying disabilities. Pain arising from various structures of the spine constitutes the majority of chronic pain in the adult population and spinal disorders are very common. Rehabilitation will promote independence and participation in education, work, and meaningful life roles.

As a member of the WRA, EUROSPINE is positioned to contribute and support the WHO Rehabilitation 2030 initiative. We look forward to co-develop rehabilitation advocacy messages and activities alongside other organisations. We will connect, collaborate, share, and learn with other members toward happier, healthier, more active, and more meaningful lives for the general population.

Stay tuned for EUROSPINE activities and events in rehabilitation.
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