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29 September 2021

EUROSPINE Education & Research Manager (100%)

Remote work based in Germany or Austria

Education at EUROSPINE is a key driver towards improved quality patient care. It is the goal of the EUROSPINE to implement a consistent educational programme that transcends borders and language and meet European accreditation standards.

Research at EUROSPINE aims to stimulate, facilitate and promote an active research community within EUROSPINE through its research courses, grant programme and registry.

The EUROSPINE Education & Research Manager will lead the consistent and high quality delivery of the EUROSPINE education programme through engaging and effective learning components delivered in various formats (eLearning, live virtual events, face to face/onsite events and hybrid formats). The programme currently includes the basic and advanced diploma, non-surgical diploma, and research courses. He/she will also support the Education Committee (EduCom), and the Task Force Research (TFR).

Roles and Responsibilities

The Education and Research Manager reports to the Director of Education and Research. The roles and responsibilities follow the general direction and strategy of the EUROSPINE Education Committee, the Task Force Research and the EUROSPINE leadership.

• Lead the design, development and deployment of engaging and effective education activities within existing initiatives.
• Coordinate various groups of professional experts to fulfil the requirements to produce high quality content on time, at the best possible quality, given the available resources and within budget.
o Provide support to faculty for content preparation and technical aspects
o Liaise with industry partners and other stakeholders
o Direct, supervise, and coordinate the efforts of support service providers
• Provide overall operational and logistical support for education activities
• Oversee and monitor the budget and use of resources
o Evaluate all service providers and tools being used
o Assess further needs in resources and support
• In collaboration with the Director of Education and Research, draft work plans, project goals and objectives, and evaluations
o Establish routine schedule of processes/steps in education activities
o Review workflows and recommend improvements by providing constructive suggestions

Education and Professional Qualifications

• Technical or pedagogical/andragogy education background
• Bachelor degree required.
• Higher education qualifications preferred i.e. Masters degree, PhD

Work Experience

• A minimum of two years international/multinational experience
• Must have finance, administration and personnel management experience
• Experience in supervising multicultural teams
• Remote working experience necessary (various geographical locations and time zones, work discipline and flexibility)

Personal Qualities and Traits

• Must be willing to keep up to date with latest continuous professional development, training, and adult education trends
• Leadership skills
o Comfortable in being a proactive member of a multicultural team
o Able to identify and communicate potential problems and propose solutions
o Able to function effectively in a complex work environment with different committees, task forces, boards, industry partners and service providers
o Have the flexibility to deal rapidly with numerous and simultaneous problems with a wide range of complexity
o Can manage competing priorities
• Communication and empathy skills
o Have strong facilitation skills and work as a team player in problem solving
o Understand and be aware of directors’ and other managers’ scope of responsibilities and be willing to discuss with them, and when required, defer decisions to these directors and managers to ensure coordination and implementation of activities
o Be a patient and good communicator who can function in an organization with multinational colleagues based in geographically different locations
o Must be patient, diplomatic and professional

Required Knowledge and Skills

• Project management
o Asset management and resource allocation
o Time management
• Working knowledge of eLearning technologies, learning management systems
• Working knowledge of web technologies
• Understanding virtual learning environments such as Moodle, Matrix, GoTo Training etc.
• Broad skills in computer operating systems (Microsoft, Apple etc) and integrated Office suites
• English proficient, another European language a plus
• Able to work remotely and must be comfortable using various collaborative tools when working at a distance (e.g. webconferencing tools, Slack etc)

Applications should include a curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation.

Please send your application to:
Julie-Lyn Noël, MD MBA
Director of Education and Research
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