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Instructions for E-Poster Upload: Vienna 2021

Upload Deadline

The e-poster upload will be open until 30. September 2021.

E-poster - format instructions

E-posters in landscape format (typical power point format) will have the best appearance on regular screens. Therfore we strongly recommend to use landscape format for your e-poster.

E-posters - creation instructions

  • E-posters are to be submitted in pdf file, landscape format of max 15 pages.
  • including title page and disclosure information to be cited on the last page of your presentation
  • File size should not exceed 20 MB in order to secure quick and easy access
  • Mac users; make sure your pdf filename has the ending .pdf
  • We recommend to use Arial or Verdana fonts
  • Make sure that your pdf is saved with embedded fonts
  • You may use own logos/layouts

Disclosure declaration

To be mentioned on the last page of your presentation:
none of the authors has any potential conflict of interest
or, as stated with your abstract submission
  • grant/research support
  • consultant
  • stock/shareholder
  • royalties
  • other financial report

Upload instructions

1.Enter your Programm No. (received by e-mail)
2.Enter your PIN code (received by e-mail)
3.Upon your successfull login, you will get the upload mask and poster identification
4. Upload your document via the upload dialogue
5. Click "Upload your document"
in return you will get the message "Your document has been successfully uploaded"

Uploading a new version of an already uploaded e-poster

  • Please note that the procedure is the same as described above.
  • The newly uploaded version will replace the prior version.
E-Poster Upload
Vienna 2021

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