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Institutional Members are national and specialist spine related societies/organisations cooperating with EUROSPINE for specific tasks in their function as institutional body.


  • Regular meetings with the EuSSAB committee (face-to-face, if possible, alternatively online meetings & webinars)
  • Special discount for associate members to participate in EUROSPINE Annual Meeting (EuSSAB discount code!)


  • Receive EuSSAB bi-annual e-newsletter
  • Regular updates on EUROSPINE activities and meetings
  • Promotion of national spine meetings in EUROSPINE online events calendar
  • Society profile on EUROSPINE website


  • Access to Patient Line (patient information in several languages)
  • Participate in Spine Tango (EUROSPINE's Spine Registry)
(Please refer to for further details)

For more information on Institutional / Associate Membership, please contact

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