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Guidelines - Abstract Submission Vienna 2020

  • Abstracts chosen for presentation are selected at the discretion of the Programme Committee to ensure a fair and balanced programme.
  • Abstracts will be evaluated in a blind fashion with no reference to authors or institutions to ensure fairness.
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Impeccable English is mandatory for all appearing as speakers/presenters.
  • If an abstract is not accepted as a full-paper presentation, it is possible that it is accepted as a QuickFire (Short Communication) or e-poster instead. The final determination of the presentation format is at the discretion of the Programme Committee.
  • Case reports and technical notes should be submitted as poster presentations (as these are generally not considered for paper presentation).
  • The presenting author of an accepted abstract for any format must be prepared to attend the meeting or send someone in his/her place. This replacement presenter must be listed as author in the originally submitted abstract.
  • Failure to present a scheduled paper within the dedicated time slot on site will result in exclusion from submitting any paper for any next EUROSPINE meeting for a period of at least three years.
  • Each abstract may only be submitted once.
  • Editing of abstracts after submission deadline is not possible.
  • No abstract will be considered with deferred outcome data. All presented data must appear in the original abstract.
  • Presenters may not use their abstract to market products or services.
  • References to trade names or specific company product lines are prohibited in abstracts and presentations.
  • The text of the abstract should have a total character count of maximum 3,000 (each letter, space and punctuation mark counts as a character).
  • Any special (not standard) characters should be omitted, since these could result in scrambled text or difficulties in reading and publishing your abstract.
  • Visuals: limited to one! 1 figure or table may be uploaded per abstract. Legends and/or references must be in English. No patient, author or other provenience details should be displayed. Only the first table or figure will be evaluated or published in case there are more than one uploaded in a document.
  • Oral presentations will be recorded and web-published on EUROSPINE platforms exclusively, if the author(s) do not especially inform otherwise.
  • Potential conflict of interest, funding sources, royalties or similar must be specified by each author per submission.
  • EUROSPINE accepts no responsibility for submitted abstracts and may not be held responsible for any infringements as a result of plagiarism, libel, slander or any misuse of material.
  • Authors submitting an abstract to EUROSPINE do so with the understanding that they will abide by the conditions, deadline policies and decisions of the EUROSPINE Programme Committee.
Abstract Submission
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