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FAQ - Abstract Submission Vienna 2020

Is there a limit in the number of authors for each abstract?

  • Number of authors is limited by the system to 15.
  • If you have more than 15, please add them all after the 15th in the 'Last name' field: e.g. Emil Smith, Xavier Field, etc.
  • then send the additional disclosures to , indicating the abstract number.
Additional authors cannot be added anymore after the evaluation process.

Can I edit my abstract after submission?

Editing is only possible within the submission process as long as you did not push the final “submit button”. Once you leave the submission process, your abstract cannot be accessed anymore. The final version cannot be edited anymore, since all the authors have to make (or already did) their disclosure indications on this version.
If editing will be inevitable you will have to delete the first version and submit a new abstract.
But please consider that also disclosure invitations will have to be repeated.

Can I submit a new or second version to replace final version already submitted?

  • Only after you have deleted the former version.
  • Do NOT submit a new or second version for corrections!

What if I have not received the submission confirmation or disclosure invitation emails?

  • Some hospitals or institutions do have extremely high spam and firewall regulations, not accepting automated e-mails.
  • In such cases please use another (e.g. private) e-mail address.
  • Also do not forget to check your SPAM FOLDER!

What if disclosure information is missing? Can the corresponding author submit disclosures on behalf of the other authors?

Disclosure information are mandatory for all authors.
  • They have to be submitted via the on-line tool, received via the e-mail "disclosure invitation" by each author her/or himself. This is done by responding to the disclosure confirmation e-mail sent separately to each co-author.
  • Be aware that this might need some time, last minute submissions might therefore be a problem.
  • Abstracts with missing disclosure information will not be included into the evaluation process.
  • Make sure that each co-author has provided an individual, valid e-mail address!
  • Disclosures supplemented by the submitting author will be considered as wrongfully disclosed and the abstract will be excluded from the reviewing process.
  • The submitting author is responsible that all authors have their disclosures submitted before March 2, 2019.

What is actually a QuickFire?

QuickFire are short oral presentations in simultaneous arranged sessions (formerly special posters). The dedicated time for a quick fire is 3 min for presentation and 2 min for discussion.

What if I do not want my abstract to be accepted as a poster? Or if I want it as poster only?

In case you wish only a specific presentation type, please indicate that by clicking the respective box available in the submission process.

I have still some questions regarding the submission process…

In case you do have any further questions related to the submission process, please contact:

Online Submission

Only abstracts submitted via the online submission will be accepted for the evaluation process.
Abstract Submission
Vienna 2020:

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