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Diploma Equivalence for Multi-Sourced Diploma

EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe agree to a partnership for diploma equivalence related to the EUROSPINE Diploma with several societies.

Who is eligible for Diploma Equivalence?

Participants who have completed all mandatory modules with one or several societies who have an equivalence agreement with EUROSPINE.

Mandatory modules:
  • Modules 1-5 prior to 2020
  • Modules 1-6 if you have started taking your modules as of 2020. Module 6: Using literature to inform my practice has become mandatory as of 2020.

What is needed to apply for the EUROSPINE Diploma?

1. The applicant must be a graduate of one of the partner society and be listed as a "graduate" on the partner society list as well as provide a copy of the diploma certificate.
2. The applicant must submit their full name as it appears on the partner society diploma.
3. The applicant must pay €100 administrative fee to EUROSPINE. The payment must be received before the EUROSPINE Diploma can be issued.
4. The applicant must provide the correct contact details.

What happens after the application has been completed?

  • The applicant receives a confirmation from our payment provider.
  • The applicant receives an e-mail from EUROSPINE stating that upon receipt of the payment the process of issuing the equivalence will be initiated.
  • EUROSPINE will initiate the process of issuing the equivalence – please be aware that this process might take up to 8 weeks.

Only complete applications including a valid proofs of eligibility will be processed!
  • Application for Diploma Equivalence with Multiple Sources

  • Please only use English alphabet/characters as we cannot process special characters. This is especially important for addresses as we may be missing the letters with special characters, which could jeopardise the diploma postal delivery.
  • I confirm that the above filled in name shall appear accordingly on the diploma.   
    Only applications where all necessary CME certificates proving eligibility will be processed!

    2019 Hybrid EduWeek (November 2019) and 2021 EduWeek participants (June 2021) MUST provide (MANDATORY REQUIREMENT!):

    • CME Certificates proving completion of the eLearning components of the module
    • CME Certificates proving completion of the "live" (face-to-face for 2019 and online for 2021) component of the module

  • Upload below your CME certificates for the eLearning component of your module(s). This is necessary for all modules taken as of Hybrid EduWeek November 2019, EduWeek 2021 and any future EduWeeks:

  • Upload below your CME certificate(s) for EUROSPINE "Module 6: Using Literature to inform my practice" if you started taking your modules as of 2020. This module has become mandatory as of 2020.


  • 100 Euros administrative fee

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