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Annual Report 2021

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continued in 2021, we again had to adapt some of EUROSPINE's revenue- generating activities, often at short notice, to cope with the many government restrictions and again keep the safety of EUROSPINE members, sponsors, and stakeholders foremost in our minds. This member- and stakeholder-focused policy once more required flexibility from our staff to cope with the fast-changing situations. 

Despite these difficult circumstances, the EUROSPINE Executive Committee, Committee members and staff coped with these challenges in a flexible and cost-efficient way, for the benefit of all our members and stakeholders. [...]

We wish to call upon our EUROSPINE membership and all other interested parties for further support to enable us to move forward with a suite of high-quality membership services encompassing education, research, quality assurance, and premier meetings and events. Please register for events as soon as they are announced and plan to attend as many as possible, whether in-person or online. Your support is vital to enable EUROSPINE to move forward as the leading spine society in Europe, so we can come together to improve care for spine patients the world over.

Brain & Spine: The New Official Scientific Journal of EUROSPINE and EANS

In April 2021, EUROSPINE and EANS signed the contract for their new official journal. The idea of joining forces for a new open-access journal was supported by the common understanding from both scientific societies that open access will be the future of scientific publications (also proven by the result of completed member surveys).
The 50/50 joint venture will enable both societies to offer their members additional benefits and ensure complete financial independence as they own the journal directly.

More information can be found in the Annual Report 2021Achtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster on page 12.

Spine Tango 2021: Strong Takeaway Message:

The pandemic in 2021 was rich in new developments with implementing a nested registry - the Swiss Implant Registry, functional outcomes, the introduction of new languages of the platform, and further growth of the implant catalogue and the list of industry partners that benefited from reporting services.
Altogether we have 5 subscribing implant manufacturers and 42 manufacturers contributing to the implant catalogue with more than 180'000 implants. In addition, more than 120 hospitals participating in our programme are also constantly growing, and we have additional interests from 5 national societies to join the programme.

More information can be found in the Annual Report 2021Achtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster on page 8.


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