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EUROSPINE Education Week

"Where Spine Expertise Meets Educational Excellence"

EduWeek, short for Education Week, is the society's flagship educational event. Held in late June or early July, EduWeek offers basic and advanced surgical spine courses in a dedicated location, to foster lifelong learning and promote the latest surgical spine care education. 

EduWeek Courses

EduWeek is a hybrid educational event that adopts a blended learning approach. It consists of two components:

PART 1: Online self-paced e-learning (asynchronous)

Participants acquire knowledge through the online component, consisting of recorded video lectures and graded quizzes to test the content covered.

PART 2: Face-to-face event (synchronous):

Content covered in PART 1 is discussed in case based discussions and skills workshops, further deepening the learning. 



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EOTEP Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 EduWeek Courses are EOTEP accredited.

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