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EUROSPINE Full Paper Award 2017

Time to remove our rose-tinted spectacles: a candid appraisal of the relative success of surgery in over 4’500 patients with degenerative disorders of the lumbar spine, hip or knee

Anne F. Mannion1, Franco M. Impellizzeri1, Michael Leunig2, Dezsö Jeszenszky3, Hans-Jürgen Becker3, Daniel Haschtmann3, Stefan Preiss2, Tamas F. Fekete3

1Department of Teaching, Research and Development; 2Department of Hip and Knee Surgery; 3Department of Spine Surgery and Neurosurgery, Schulthess Klinik, Zurich, Switzerland

Interview with the 2017 EUROSPINE Full Paper Award winners: Anne F Mannion and Tamas F Fekete

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in the name of the Committee:
EUROSPINE 2017 Award Committee
Frank Kandziora, Germany (chair-institutional)
Robert Gunzburg, Belgium (institutional)
Finn B Christensen, Denmark
Martin Wilby, UK

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