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EUROSPINE Diploma Overview

The EUROSPINE Diploma is made up of 5 Modules. All 5 Modules must be completed in order to obtain the EUROSPINE Diploma which is now respected on a European level by many spinal societies and federations who remain involved and informed on the project developments. EUROSPINE has developed standards and policies in key areas of spinal post graduate training that follow a strict quality control to maintain consistency of the content.

The modules do not need to be taken in order. You can start with module 3, 4 or 5, whichever is convenient. Modules are delivered in France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Turkey through the diploma equivalence programme.

The importance of continuous medical education is self-evident to spine professionals. As spinal treatment strategies progress, the necessity to update one’s knowledge increases. It is expected that the European Community will recognise the need to establish a certification on the basis of this initiative, for this purpose, an official Multidisciplinary Joint Committee has been created at UEMS.

Target Audience

The EUROSPINE Diploma is intended for surgeons in their last year of residency wishing to acquire basic knowledge on the evaluation of spinal disorders, spinal disease process and surgical skills. The EUROSPINE Diploma is also relevant to any health care professional involved in the spinal treatment spectrum wanting to get best practices in the specialty of spine.

Basic Course

For more information about the Basic Course, please visit:

Next Education Week

The next Education Week where all 5 EUROSPINE Diploma Modules will be delivered will take place as follows:

Date: 18-22 June 2018
Venue: IRCAD/EITS - Hôpitaux Universitaires, 1, place de l’Hôpital , 67091 Strasbourg, France

For more information regarding the Education Week:

Diploma Equivalence

Modules can be taken in various European countries through the Diploma Equivalence Programme.
For more information about the Diploma Equivalence Programme, please visit:

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