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Criteria to become Member of EUROSPINE

Definition/ Parties

Society: EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe, registered in Switzerland (CH-
Members: Articles 5-17 from the EUROSPINE Statutes
Article 5 - Admission, Suspension and Expulsion
The Executive Committee decides on admission, suspension and expulsion of members. Details hereto are outlined in Article 7, 10 to 13 below. The numbers of members may be limited by the Executive Committee per country and per category.
Article 6 - Categories
The Society compromises the following membership categories: Active members, Honorary members, Senior members, Corresponding members, Young members, Associated members and Institutional Society Membership.
6.1ACTIVE MEMBERS are medical doctors and other professionals who are engaged in research into or management of the prevention and treatment of spinal disorders and their related problems. They should be residents of geographic Europe at least until eligible for senior membership.
6.2CORRESPONDING MEMBERS shall be distinguished specialists resident outside geographic Europe who have not reached the age of 65 years.
6.3SENIOR MEMBERS are, without any formality, former Active and Corresponding members aged over 65 or who have retired or become disabled.
6.4HONORARY MEMBERS are elected for their outstanding contributions to the Society and/or in the field of spinal disorders and their related problems.
6.5YOUNG MEMBERS are active or corresponding members under the age of 40. They shall pay a reduced member fee. After two years they will automatically become active or corresponding members depending on their place of residence.
6.6ASSOCIATED MEMBERS are linked via “Institutional Society Membership”, i.e. if their individual national society or specialist society becomes formally associated to EUROSPINE. They are not eligible for Committees or task forces and do not have voting rights.
6.7INSTITUTIONAL SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP (Institutional Members): national and specialist spine related societies/organisations cooperating with EUROSPINE for specific tasks in their function as institutional body. They are not eligible for Committees or task forces and do not have voting rights.
If the Statutes refer to the members in general, it refers to all categories of members of the Society, unless stated otherwise in the Statutes.
Article 7 - Admission Requirements
To be eligible as active and corresponding member (including such young members) it will be necessary to demonstrate scientific or management interest in spinal disorders and their related problems. The candidate has to show continued interest in spinal disorders. A corresponding member must provide, in addition, a letter of recommendation from their Head of Department, Professional Association, or an existing member of the Society.

Article 8 - Members' Rights
Unless stated otherwise in the Statutes, all members have the right to participate and to vote at General Assembly. All other rights and benefits are stated in Internal Rules.

Article 9 - Members' Obligations
Unless stated otherwise in the Statutes, all members have the following obligations:
a. To pay the annual membership fees;
b. To fully comply with all other obligations stipulated in these Statutes or Internal Rules.
Violation of the obligations may lead to the sanctions provided for in the Statutes or Internal Rules.

EUROSPINE Statutes, full text >>Achtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster

Fees & Payment

The current annual fee is €140 for Active and Corresponding Members.
Young Members may benefit from a reduced annual fee of €70 for the first 2 years of their membership. After two years they will automatically become active members. Senior Members do not have to pay a fee unless they wish to subscribe to the European Spine Journal at a reduced fee of €50. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the annual fee is received by EUROSPINE latest until 31 January of each calendar year (January - December).

Late Payment

Members that have not paid their fees in good time will loose their eligibility for membership benefits without further notification.
If a member defaults on payment of the annual fee for three consecutive years, he/she will be expelled from the society.


Have to be applied for and justified. If a refund is done, charges and expenses will be deducted.

Currency Conversion Costs, Bank Charges etc.

All payments made through this online payment facility must be made in €. Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund shall have to be borne by the member or the third party making payment and shall not be deductible from the amount due.

Payments by third parties

Payment of fees by a person or organisation other than the member needs clear indication of the members name. Correspondence on these transactions are not done: there are no invoices, or payment receipts issued.

Governing Law

Swiss Law is applied, any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss authorities.
  • Please note that with your application for EUROSPINE membership you confirm that you are currently not fully employed by any medical company or pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer!



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  • Claudia Ortner, EUROSPINE Membership Relations Manager

    Membership application & Spring Specialty Meeting 2019

    Dear Amel GARGOURI,
    thank you for your mail concerning EUROSPINE membership and our Spring Specialty Meeting 2019.
    The monthly deadline to hand in your application for membership is always the 20th of each month and pre-ratification of new members is done on a monthly basis.
    It is still possible to become a member of EUROSPINE prior to our Spring Specialty Meeting in May 2019.
    We will get back you with further details by personal email.
    Best regards

    Comment no. 1903074491, from 07.03.2019

  • amel GARGOURI

    DR GARGOURI Amel ,orthopedic pediatric surgeon

    I'm interested in eurospine family. now I missed the application dead line .
    i'm entending the spring session in frunkfurt and hope to belong to this group.
    I 'm in the private sector in tunisia .
    hope could be eligible .

    Comment no. 1903074490, from 07.03.2019

  • Claudia Ortner, Membership Relations Manager

    Membership application

    Dear Doctor Sumant,
    thank you for your comment concerning membership application. The link to the online membership application has been fixed and you may now complete your application.
    We also welcome applicants from outside of geographic Europe!
    Looking forward to receiving your application and welcome you to the family soon!
    Kind regards

    Comment no. 1805254487, from 25.05.2018

  • Dr.Sumant

    Regarding International Membership

    Dear EuroSpine Team,

    I am practicing Spinal Manual Physiotherapist from India, and keen to be a part of the Organization & to enhance the knowledge in Spine Care, currently your website doesn't show the option for Online Application & also need to know criteria & fee structure for Overseas Young Professional.

    Comment no. 1805184486, from 18.05.2018

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