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Advanced Course

Why join the advanced course?

Go one step further towards an advanced diploma offered by EUROSPINE. You will get the opportunity to hear from renowned surgeons surgical pearls, notions and future trends in state of the art spine surgery.

Take part in interactive sessions with concrete and challenging case discussions
Get hands-on skills training with the latest technologies in the cadaver lab workshop, simulator lab and dry lab.
This is a very unique opportunity!

Target Audience

Confirmed spine specialists and trained surgeons who have completed their EUROSPINE Diploma or trained and practicing surgeons with more than 2 years experience.

Learning outcomes

There is a need to provide active practicing surgeons with a reference based, standardized curriculum in managing revisions and complications and in extended indications and advanced operative techniques.

Course format and design

This is a live educational event where there will be blended learning of lectures, interactive sessions - case based discussions, plenary sessions, cadaver lab workshops and simulator lab.

2019 schedule

Next Course

Date:1-5 July 2019
Location:Geneva, Switzerland
Venue:SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS)
Rue Gabrielle Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva, Switzerland


The below 2019 Preliminary Programmes are subject to changes

2019 Fees

€ 800 for members
€ 1'000 for non-members

Register for 2 modules and you get 10% discount off the registration fees

Swiss VAT of 7.7% will be added to the total invoice amount.

CME Accreditation and Compliance

EUROSPINE will apply to the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) for CME accreditation of all modules.

Participation in the whole module is mandatory as well as the completion of the course assessment in order to receive the CME certificate.

EUROSPINE will also apply for accreditation by EthicalMedTech.

Before registering

Prepare pdf file of any one of the following documents:
  • a copy of the EUROSPINE Diploma -or-
  • a recommendation letter proving practice of more than 2 years -or-
  • a copy of your CV

Obtaining the Advanced Diploma: IMPORTANT NOTE!

If you wish to attend the Advanced Courses in order to obtain the Advanced Diploma, please be aware that the requirements for obtaining the Advanced Diploma are as follow:

(1) obtaine the EUROSPINE diploma via
  • completion of the basic course -or-
  • completion of equivalent diploma course
(2) complete both advanced course modules (EUROSPINE, EANS or Turkish Spine Society course modules)
(3) complete a 6-months fellowship, formally validated by the EUROSPINE through the separate fellowship validation process

Register for the 2019 Advanced Courses

Registrations are open to confirmed spine specialists who have completed the EUROSPINE Diploma or are already practicing for at least 2 years. A proof of eligibility to attend the Advanced Courses will be requested upon registration (a copy of the EUROSPINE Diploma, or a recommendation letter proving practice of more than 2 years, or a copy of your CV).

Please follow the below link and carefully read the instructions on our registration page before you start your registration.
In case of questions, please contact

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