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€140 p.a.

Active Members are medical doctors and other professionals who are engaged in research into or management of the prevention and treatment of spinal disorders and their related problems who reside within geographic Europe.


  • Significantly reduced registration fee for EUROSPINE Meetings:
> Annual General Meeting: save up to €455*
> Spring Specialty Meeting: save up to €300*
> Basic Diploma Courses: save up to €900**
> Advanced Diploma Courses: save up to €400**
> Diploma Courses in Interprofessional Spine Care: save up to €500**
> TFR Course: save up to €200
  • Access to research grants up to €100,000 every two years
  • Exclusive access to webcasts


  • Online subscription to the European Spine Journal
  • Easy direct access to the Brain & Spine Journal and reduced publication fees
  • Receive EUROSPINE e-newsletter
  • Receive Annual Report
  • Online membership profile for membership management and direct access to membership benefits
  • Member certificate


  • Become a faculty member in EUROSPINE educational activities
  • Participate in committee work
  • Become a committee chair and therefore a member of the Executive Committee
  • Members-only events at our Annual Meeting
  • Exclusive Member Area at the EUROSPINE booth at the Annual Meeting
  • Full voting rights at the General Assembly
  • Option to participate in Spine Tango
  • Access to Patient Line (patient information in several languages)

* Based on the regular registration, the monetary benefit may vary, depending on the time of registration. Hybrid / virtual meetings may have a different fee structure!
** the reduction on diploma and advanced diploma courses represents the accumulated savings of all respective modules.
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