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Vision: Promoting High Quality Research on the Spine

The vision of the EUROSPINE TFR is to promote high quality research of the spine. This will be accomplished by the following means:
  • A research course is suggested to be offered once a year by the TFR, featuring topics and speakers about designing and conducting high quality studies.
  • An abstract course will be offered as a pre-course to the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting every other year.
  • A Biomechanics Summer Course at the University of Ulm was initiated in July 2015 and will be continued.
  • The first Literature Review Course organised by the Institut Franco-Europeen de Chiropraxie (IFEC) and sponsored by EUROSPINE was presented in December 2015 and will be continued.
  • Information on applications and funding awards will be posted on the EUROSPINE website. The research areas, request for proposals, funding availability, research course, and TFR members will be posted and available for applicants who are considering applying for a grant. This website will also outline the requirements for grant funding.
  • All requests for grant applications and submissions will be done electronically through the website.
Each of these elements is shown graphically and discussed below.

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Latest Activities News

15 May 2017

EUROSPINE Symposium at 18th EFORT

31 May 2017 09:00-12:00 in Vienna Austria

4 May 2017

Event Report: 2017 Chinese SRS annual meeting

in conjunction with EUROSPINE

25 April 2017

EUROSPINE 2017 - Early Registration

Remember that you can save a bunch of money by registering early for EUROSPINE 2017 until 20 June 2017!

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