Spine Tango

Under the auspices of EUROSPINE and in cooperation with the M.E. Müller Center at the University of Berne in Switzerland represented by its Institute for Evaluative Research in Medicine (IEFM) Spine Tango was installed in November 2002. Since then the system was enhanced in an evolutionary process based on the communication of physicians, the institute and industry.
Permanent innovations in spinal surgery demand continuous documentation assessing the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of the new techniques and technologies. An outstanding base for fulfilling these demands is the international Spine Registry - Spine Tango. The growing number of Spine Tango participants indicates the success of the system that has always been a non-commercial academic project.
Spine Tango is hosted on MEMdoc. For further information go to: www.memdoc.org
Spine Tango`s IT and security structure is based on the distributed server concept consisting of a network of national modules, each module serving as own database having only demographic data of patients on it. Anonymous medical data are stored on a central database at the University of Berne. This setup is fulfilling highest possible security standards. Find detailed information here.

Data can be submitted web-based and real-time via 128-bit encryption or on forms read by optical mark readers.
Online statistics allow benchmarking on clinic, national and international level

The Swiss/International, Austrian, German, Italian, North American, Mexican and Brazilian Spine Tango Modules are fully operating by now.

Additionally there is a demo module available.

For further information feel free to contact

Christoph Röder, MD PhD MPH

Spine Tango support