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Overview - Diploma Equivalence

What is Diploma Equivalency?

The EUROSPINE Diploma is the basic diploma of EUROSPINE that covers content in 5 Module subject areas relevant to the appropriate training of young spine specialists. Such programmes exists on a National level.

EUROSPINE believes that by aligning programs with other national curricula that deliver the same Learning Outcomes for attendees, we can get closer to the goal of a government recognized European Spine sub-Speciality.

With this goal in mind, we have developed a process for allowing equivalency recognition with National societies that meet the criteria and the EUROSPINE programme: EUROSPINE Diploma.

Who is eligible for Diploma Equivalency?

Any European country/society can apply to this process as long as they are Institutional Members of EUROSPINE and have a recognised National spine curricula with similar aims and learning outcomes of the EUROSPINE Diploma.

What is the process?

To view the process, please click on the link provided:

How to apply for Diploma Equivalency?

Accreditation of National Societies for Diploma Equivalency Application
To view the application, please click on the link provided:

Application Routing

Please send all completed applications with relevant evidence to:

List of Countries that are approved for Diploma Equivalency


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