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Membership Criteria:

Annual Membership Fee includes:

Useful Information

  • Applications have to be written in English!
  • Please, fill in the online application form below and submit your current ‘Curriculum Vitae’ (CV).
  • Applicants from outside of geographic Europe (corresponding members) must provide, in addition, a letter of recommendation from their Head of Department, Professional Association, or an existing member of the Society.
  • Only fully documented applications (=online application form, CV and letter of recommendation for corresponding members only) will be evaluated by the membership committee.
  • Please note that you will not be eligible for any EUROSPINE membership benefits, such as reduced registration fees, prior to confirmation of your membership and receipt of the first member fee!

  • The next possibility of having your application pre-ratified is in July 2017. Therefore, please make sure to hand in your complete application by 21 July 2017 at the latest.
  • You will be informed about the outcome in August 2017 and receive all relevant information for payment, after which your membership will be activated as of 1 January 2017. No payment is due beforehand!

Template for CV


In case of questions, please contact
  • Online Membership Application

  • I here with apply for active / corresponding membership for EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe. I fulfil the criteria asked for membership as mentioned in the EUROSPINE statutes (Membership Criteria link above).   
    I herewith apply for young membership for EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe. I fulfill the criteria asked for young membership as mentioned in the EUROSPINE statutes. (Membership Criteria link above)   
  • I herewith confirm that I am currently not fully employed by any medical company or pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer.   
  • MSc    MD    PhD   
  • Neurosurgery    Orthopaedic Surgery   
    Spinal Surgery    Trauma Surgery   
    Paediatric Surgery    Bioengineering/Biomechanics   
    Radiology    Research   
    Neurology    Rehabilitation/Phys. Medicine   
    Rheumatology    Sports Medicine   

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