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Observership Grants

Member to Member Grant for up to 14 Days - Observership

Members of EUROSPINE and applicants for membership of EUROSPINE are eligible to compete for competitive grants towards Observership of up to 14 days with any EUROSPINE member to gain valuable experience. The Observership Grantee will be granted a stipend of € 1500 and will be responsible to arrange for and pay for all relevant expenses related to the experience.

Observership Reports

A number of EUROSPINE members have had their chance to experience the valuable exchange and learning opportunities during an Observership with support of the society.
>> Read about their personal experiences here


A.The Observership Grant is open to full members/ young members of EUROSPINE. Pending Members are considered if a full membership or young membership application has been submitted.
B.The application must include an up-to-date CV in English.
C.The application must include a letter of intent/motivation letter indicating the type of Observership, what the applicant intends to learn from the Oberservership and why the Observership is relevant for their training.
D.The application must include a letter from their hospital (head) indicating that if accepted, they will be given the time by the employer to attend paid or unpaid.
E.The applicant must have already published one abstract as a first author for one of the major European spine meetings or have a publication in a major spine journal.
D.The applicant should indicate where/ who they wish to visit for their Observership.


A. Application process is done on a rolling basis starting 1 February 2016 and close once all spaces are full.
B. Applications will be forwarded to the EUROSPINE Observership Reviewers for appraisal.
C. Qualified applicants will be selected based on application criteria versus number of grants available during the selection process.
D. All applicants will be informed via e-mail of the decision.
E. Grant recipients are responsible for the organisation of the Observership (see also process & procedures document below) including:
- Contacting the Host for the Observership
- Gaining agreement from Host on Observership dates, procedures, etc.
- Attending the Observership
- Arranging all flights, hotels, meal accordingly
- Arrange with the Host all files related to safety and vaccinations valid for the hospital.
F. Grant recipients must complete the Observership Feedback Form (on line).
G. EUROSPINE administration will provide a certificate of attendance once all criteria is met and transfer of the stipend funds to the account holder grant recipient.

Responsibilities of the Host

A. The Host must be a member of EUROSPINE.
B. The Host must agree with the Observership Grantee on the timing and educational content prior to the Observership.
C. The Host is expected to treat the Observership Grantee as a “Special Guest” and to prepare the staff for his/her arrival.
D. The Host is expected to provide solid educational experience for the Observership Grantee.

Online Application

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  • Observership Host

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