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Various new approaches help EUROSPINE take a few steps towards a green approach - and we are very proud of it!
European Spine Journal
From 2018 onwards the EUROSPINE membership will include online access to the European Spine Journal only, which will be accessible directly from your EUROSPINE user area on the website.
We will send further details to all members in due time!

Membership Certificates
Another step towards a green approach is the switch to digital membership certificates - this actually includes two environmentally friendly aspects: less paper and less emission (no more land mailing)

EUROSPINE Final Programme
For the first time in 2017, EUROSPINE will not produce a printed final programme, which means we are not printing more than 350,000 pages of which most end up in the garbage after a few days - we cannot even wrap our mind around the savings we are creating for the environment!
No worries, we will not leave you uninformed at the congress, there are a number of ways you will find your way around and receive all necessary information:
> Download the App and have all information right in your pocket!
> Pocket Programme, we will still do a bit of printing to provide you with a pocket programme including the most important information for onsite
> Regularly check the EUROSPINE meetings website:
> Download the PDF programme before the congress - we will inform you when it is ready

Congress Bags
We don't even know where to start..
Of course our EUROSPINE Congress Bags were beautiful and we all liked them, a few of you might still use them or gave them to your children to play with.
But let's be honest - most of these congress bags end up in the bin together with all the material that they hold, countless amounts of paper usually thrown out before even looked at.
Therfore, EUROSPINE has decided to skip the congress bags from 2017 onwards. But no worries, of course we will be prepared to give you all necessary information for a successful EUROSPINE 2017 in Dublin, Ireland 11-13 October 2017

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4 November 2017

EUROSPINE Foundation

Online Donation is now possible - Each and every contribution, however small, is precious and will go a long way.

3 November 2017

Congress Report EUROSPINE 2017

Day by day reports, course & session summaries, interviews, video links, pictures,...

18 October 2017

Spring Speciality Meeting 2018

TODAY 18 October 2017: Early Registration Deadline

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