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  • The current Spine Tango forms are called version 2011 indicated on the top right of the forms. Surgery, Staged Surgery, and Follow-up as well as patient self-assessment forms, which are an adaptation of the Deyo Core Measures officially recommended by EUROSPINE, can be downloaded here as PDF.
  • Please note that print-outs of pdfs on this website cannot be used for OMR scanning but only for data capture and later online data punching.
  • The Spine Tango patient self-assessment forms (abbreviated as "COMI") contain the Core Outcome Measures Index (COMI), whose items were originally suggested by Deyo et al. 1998 (Spine 23(18):2003-13) and which was subsequently validated as an outcome instrument in itself by Mannion et al. 2005 (Eur Spine J 14(10):1014-26) and Ferrer et al. 2006 (Spine 31(12)1372-9), to then become the official outcome instrument of Spine Tango. These patient self-assessment forms also contain other single item outcome questions (location of the main problem and post-treatment ratings of global outcome, satisfaction, complications and reoperations/further treatment) that are scored independently of the COMI. Please contact us if you need assistance with the scoring of the COMI itself, or refer to previous publications (e.g. Mannion et al. 2015, Spine 40(10):710-718 or Pochon et al. 2015, Eur Spine J DOI 10.1007/s00586-015-4062-3). For users of the registry, scoring is done automatically when you submit your data.
  • Validation of other languages of all these forms is in progress.
  • Anyone wishing to cross-culturally adapt the COMI in another language should contact the Spine Tango Committee (Emin Aghayev: ) to ensure that a version is not already under development and/or to have the proposed methodology approved.

Following language packages and additional forms are available:











Additional Forms/ Documents



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