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Advanced Course

Why join the advanced course?

Go one step further towards an advanced diploma which will be offered by the EUROSPINE in the future. You will get the opportunity to hear from renowned surgeons surgical pearls, notions and future trends in state of the art spine surgery.

Take part in interactive sessions with concrete and challenging case discussions
Get hands-on skills training with the latest technologies in the cadaver lab workshop, simulator lab and dry lab.
This is a very unique opportunity!


Registrations are open to already spine specialists who have completed the European Spine Course Diploma or are already practicing for at least 5 years.

Prepare pdf file of any one of the following documents:
  • a copy of the European Spine Course Diploma -or-
  • a recommendation letter proving practice of more than 5 years -or-
  • a copy of your CV

Choose and register one of the modules :
  • Extended indications & advanced operative techniques
  • Revisions and Complication manageme

Discounts for EUROSPINE members are available:
€ 800 for members
€ 1,000 for non-members

Target Audience

Trained surgeons who have completed their European Spine Course Diploma or trained and practicing surgeons with more than 5 years experience.
Date:16-18 October 2017
Location:Strasbourg, France
Venue:IRCAD/EITS - Hôpitaux Universitaires
1, place de l’Hôpital
67091 Strasbourg Cedex, France

Learning outcomes

There is a need to provide active practicing surgeons with a reference based, standardized curriculum in managing revisions and complications and in extended indications and advanced operative techniques.

Course format and design

This is a live educational event where there will be blended learning of lectures, interactive sessions - case based discussions, plenary sessions, cadaver lab workshops and simulator lab.

Course Programmes (January 2017)

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21 April 2017

Advanced Course 2017

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19 April 2017

Event Report: Current Concepts in Spine Deformity

Haluk Berk, EUROSPINE Past President (2015), was in Prague and shares his impressions of the meeting with you.

17 April 2017

Diploma Equivalence with Turkey (TSS)

EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe and the Turkish Spine Society (TSS) agrees to a partnership for diploma equivalence...

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