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4+1 Top Reasons to present your abstract at EUROSPINE 2017

You have not yet submitted your abstract for EUROSPINE 2017?
Get started NOW - submission deadline is approaching: 1 March 2017

Put your research on the front line
Presenting an abstract at the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting is a win-win situation – it’s a unique opportunity to present your work to leading spine experts and actively participate in an internationally renowned congress.

Be published in the European Spine Journal
Having your abstract accepted for presentation at EUROSPINE 2017 also means being published in an internationally established spine journal with an Impact Factor of 2.132 (2015).
It is so simple: You do your best-we publish it!!!

Compete for scientific excellence
Winners of the EUROSPINE Full Paper Award 2016:
‘It’s a great honor for us to receive the EUROSPINE Full Paper Award! If you have a good working group to put energy into your project, we would recommend applying for such an award’ – Christian Liebsch and Nicolas Graf, Germany
EUROSPINE Full Paper Award and Best EUROSPINE Podium Presentation Award are waiting for you in Dublin - take your chance and submit your abstract for EUROSPINE 2017!

Network with the international spine community
‘Mostly I am enjoying the interaction with colleagues from different countries and experiencing presentations of oncoming new studies.’ - Rachid Bech-Azeddine, Denmark
Meet and network with experts in spine research, surgical and non-surgical spine care from all over the globe. Share with them your ideas, thoughts and concerns!

Experience the unique feeling of a EUROSPINE Annual Meeting
If you have joined us before, you already know what is in store for you.
If not, don’t miss the opportunity to find out! Be a part of EUROSPINE. Be there in Dublin.

EUROSPINE 2017: Be a part of it!!!

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